Friday, January 23, 2009

In Case you Missed it

Over the weekend sometimes reading lists get a little Krazee with a "K" so in case you share the same secret as me (sometimes I just hit "mark all as read" and start fresh...) I wanted to make sure you got the announcement!

Sit. Back. Down. you freak, there aren't any

hmmm, maybe there should be...

well, back to my original topic, my super talented, super beautiful sister who is mother of 5 boys and photographer extraordinaire has decided to join us here in our virutal neighborhood. She just launched her BLOG last Friday night, but you're invited to go introduce yourself as the kindly neighbor you are and leave her the equivalent of a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a pass along card in her comments section.

Why does she want to get to know you all? As it happens, she and her family are planning a huge cross-country trip this summer and they want to get to know the really special parts of the country that they might not discover on their own. Do you live in a super cool place that nobody ever visits and you just can't understand why the whole world doesn't see it the way you do? Do you share a unique cultural heritage in your community? Do you know the number one locals only hole-in-the-wall/greasy spoon that must be enjoyed to be understood? Well hop on over there and share a cup of sugar over the fence. And if you find yourself looking for a little something different today, give yourself about a half-hour and visit her professional website. She has a beautiful gallery of photos there for your enjoyment.


Octamom said...

Heading over to meet her! Another mom with tons of kids and a photography habit....hmmmmm...we might just become instant friends!


Lara said...

Yes, ditto to Octamom!

Jillene said...


Boy Mom said...

What a great sister you are!

Fun Blog!

Kristina P. said...

I live in Salt Lake City, free of Mormons. No one ever comes here.