Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Apophenic Apptitude

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Apophenic Apptitude

What’s better than a palindrome? A numeric palindrome.  
What’s luckier than 7?  11 of course!
What’s a giant bummer?  The fact that if you add all the one’s in 11:11:11, 11/11/11 you get TWELVE.  Unless of course, you subscribe to numerology, in which case even an apophenic maniac on the hunt for truth, justice and a great piece of art can turn the twin 1’s toil and trouble into perfect harmony, but not Royal Oil.

Because “Nothing is so alien to the human mind as the idea of randomness”(--John Cohen), I will don my most cosmopolitan of space suits and trek out into the vast vibrations of this planet, (or at least the city of Phoenix) in search of the truly random. When I find it, I shall place my One thousand, One Hundred and Eleven dollars and Eleven cents on the counter and ask “How may I obtain twelve of these?”


I will head to Phoenix Sky Harbor on November 24 with Eleven one hundred dollar bills to hand out to Uniformed Military, mothers with crying children, big brothers not picking on little sisters, and bikers holding the door for elderly couples. The other eleven dollars and eleven cents will buy one and a half Chai latte’s from the Starbucks at Terminal 4.  If my kids are lucky, I’ll spring the extra for two hot chocolates.


Bill Lisleman said...

I started to leave a comment at that site but didn't want to give them all the access the want to my FB account. I found your blog over at BlogDramedy.
Are you really into numbers?
Will we be making a big deal about 02/02/2020 ? It has a nice reflective symmetry to it. I think 12/21/12 looks good too.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder that BlogFestivus starts today. Got our elf shoes on? :-)