Monday, June 2, 2008


Hi everybody, welcome to our new blog. We have shut down our old blog and now are "blogging anonymously". Mr. CaveHair attended some seminars for work that made us think twice about being "out there" on the web with last names and general locations. We hope to keep this blog updated and fun and safe for everybody.

We don't mind if you link to our new blog, but please do us a favor, and either identify us by our blog name, or some other nick-name. First names only in anything you might write about us, k? Oh, and also, please think twice before telling stories about Mr. related stories are fine, but please leave any other kinds of stories up to him to post.

Just so we're clear, there have not been any problems, and we don't forsee any problems in the future, but you know what "they" say...Better safe than Sorry.