Friday, April 29, 2011

Button button who's got the button?

Hi all my blogging friends.

While I haven't been actively blogging over the past several months, I am still going to ask each of you who finds this post to do me a favor.

Please visit Gingham Project by clicking on the cute little elephant in my upper right hand corner, read about their mission, and add their button to your blog (You'll need to contact them through their contact form and send them your html code! Othewise how will they know you are helping?).  Your button or link will be added to theirs in return.  Even if you only have a small readership, we never know which friend of a friend of a friend will be the one to feel the call to action.

THANK YOU for doing this for me.  This is my sister's project and people are coming out of the woodwork to help, but there is plenty more to do.  Follow Gingham Project on Facebook or subscribe to the SMS feed to recieve all their exciting announcements including some you will not want to miss!