Monday, March 8, 2010


Would be watching the documentary by the same name and not realizing that you were indeed being mocked.
What started out as a fun explanation as to why humans purposefully choose to do stupid things, like be highly entertained by movies such as Jackass, and sit in front of the boob-tube for hours at the end of a long workday made an ugly turn.  Suddenly I found myself being accused of purposefully choosing to be stupid by questioning the reality of global warming. (There is at least as much scientific evidence against it as there is for it, how is it stupid to question the findings on either side?) and even further more being presented with the idea (stated as fact of course) that choosing to believe in a religion, ANY religion, is the very definition of stupid.

Offended yet?  Me too.  Only apparently being offended by any of the above is absolute proof that I am a moron.

Oh well.  I'd rather fool myself into believing that there is hope for the world, that humanity is intrinsically good, and that there is a plan for my life than be fooled into thinking the only hope for the future is that stupid people will die.  I truly wonder, what would the makers of this 'documentary' even do with themselves if all the stupid people did die?  They'd have nothing to sit on their soap-boxes about.


Anonymous said...

Haven't been watching it. Didn't actually know it existed as it isn't on Nick Jr. However, I would probably be stupid enough to throw something at the television after hearing your description of it. Uggh.

Chef Tess said...

Seriously...I love that you and I are stupid together then! Love you! Fabulous post!!

rachel said...

So if we disagree with them we are stupid? If we snicker when Al Gore opens his mouth, we're stupid?
And if we believe in God, we're stupid?

Being smart would suck...

WorkerGirl said...

Be yourself.
Be true to God.
Don't hurt anyone.
Other than that have fun.