Thursday, March 10, 2011

When Cave Hair interrupts the thought process

Found this in my "Drafts" box, leftover from last summer and never published.  Enjoy

Here's a snippet from the road to church this morning.

JP: You like nice
Me: Thanks, but I feel like a troll. I know in my head I don't look like a troll, but I feel like one today
JP: I like dungeons and dragons and hobbits and Lord of the Ring's creatures and stuff.

I posted an abbreviated version on facebook for all to enjoy, and a friend asked what feeling trollish is all about.  I gave her all kinds of examples, most specifically a headache that makes you feel like going all Grendle on the next person or goat to cross your bridge, but ultimately, I think I realized the problem was the Cave Hair.  Yes, the Cave Hair. 

It was too hot and sticky (yeah, I know, I live in AZ, where "its a DRY heat"...well, not in monsoon weather) to blow dry my hair last night and I paid for it, or maybe my kids paid for it, this morning when I woke up with Cave Hair Extreme and the headache to match.  Why does messy hair make me feel so grumpy? But I know Little Lily Cave Hair has already achieved full grumpitude by hair-style at the age of 4, so I think we're born with it.

A friend recently took a poll:  Hair conditioner- luxury or necessity.

NECESSITY! Have you seen this clan WITH conditioner? Without would be criminal.

But sometimes other people's crazy cave hair puts me in judgement mode too. I admit it.

Recently I was approached by a woman who had a nice blouse, nice necklace, nice makeup, and cave-hair.  As soon as she opened her mouth I didn't like her.  But then again, maybe it wasn't her hair at all.  Maybe it was her statement that I was wasting my time as a volunteer and should seek paid work.  Which was ironic, since she runs an organization that couldn't run without volunteers, and her child was directly benefiting from my volunteer work.


Kristina P. said...

Are we talking Charlie Sheen troll?

Anonymous said...

If it's a la Charlie Sheen, it's not troll, it's WINNING!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, though, I feel like I'm in a hundred times better mood when I've had a great blow-out. Something about those lifted roots that honestly make me feel not only prettier, but lighter and happier. And I don't even need to be looking in a mirror. crazy, huh?

clan of the cave hair said...

no! not crazy!i know exactly what you mean.