Monday, April 27, 2009

No Tree Hugging Necessary

No matter what your political bent when it comes to how to treat this planet we call home, see EARTH. There are probably two lines in it which you may cheer or jeer depending on your political point of view, and they are said in passing, as a tool to move the story along.
The cinematography is beautiful!

I would warn you however, if you have naturally inquisitive children, or scientifically minded children, or easily excitable children, or you spend alot of time at the zoo, don't expect your children to sit quietly through this movie. Every new scene will cause a squeal of delight, a question, an exclamation, or a giggle. Occassionally there may be an expression of concern.

This is a beautiful movie, and definitely one to see on the big screen. Nature at its best.

p.s. One thing I was really pleased with was the editing. They showed "the hunt" on multiple occassions, but they never showed any gore. This movie was totally appropriate for our 3 year old. The only time she worried was when an elephant left the herd being chased by lions. They did not show the lions taking down the elephant, she seemed worried that she was leaving her family. I did tell her a little fib though, when she asked why the elephant was leaving, I told her she was taking the lions for a walk so they wouldn't bother her family any more. I should have told her "She's going to make dinner" lol


Kristina P. said...

In honor of Earth, I will try to throw my bottled water bottle in the recycling bin today.

Lara said...

My mom saw this and loved it. I will have to try to take my kids soon.

Jillene said...

My kids want to see this movie. Maybe I will take them to see it...Maybe.

Heatherlyn said...

I'm so out of it in the movie world I didn't even know this was out. But I'll remember that it is good when we do run across it! :)

Anonymous said...

I've wondered how that movie was going to be. I've been nervous, but it does look like BEAUTIFUL photography! Thanks for the review.

(Last week on Earth Day, #2 snarkily asked me "Who made up Earth Day anyway? A bunch of hippie tree-huggers?" Larry was so proud!)

Erin said...

Thanks for letting me know about it. I want to take my kids.