Thursday, December 3, 2009

The TRUE meaning of HoHoHo

Lily is only 3 and a half, and has a very rich imaginary life.  The girl spends more time pretending than living in our adult version of reality, and she's quite happy there!  But there is one area of pretend that she doesn't seem quite sold on.


Lily has ALOT of questions about Santa.  Why is he at the mall?  Where did he get a computer from? What do elfs do? Why would elfs do that? Why isn't Santa helping his elfs? How come Santa is at the mall AND at Bass Pro shop?

If you saw the look on her face and the wheels turning in her head you'd see that she's giving this a whole lot of thought for a kid who's not yet four.

But mom and dad are keeping up the pretend.  We love it!  And she wants to love it too. I can tell she really wants to buy the story.

This afternoon during lunch she started asking more questions about Santa, so we turned the tables on her and said "why don't you tell us what YOU know about Santa."  She answered "well, he says 'HoHoHo'" and JP asked her what does HoHoHo mean? To which she answered "I think it means quit your crying."


The Sartori's said...


I've got a book for you to borrow. It is one from my childhood so it is old and sentimental but it is a story about al the little santas that help the main santa. Explains the mall santas nicely

ramsam said...

Two years ago my son 'figured out' the truth about Santa....that it is just Jesus in a disguise. Now he is in 4th grade and I thought he would have it ALL figured out....but no, he insists on the letter, the cookies out, and all other fun bits that only believers care about!

ramsam said...

PS- why didn't you ask me about "Almost Moon" by Alice Sebold! YUCK-O. I hated that book so bad. I could have warned you. Find me on Shlefari! (shelfari/ramonareads)