Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boom Boom Pow

If we're facebook friends, you know that during Christmas Break we had some excitement in the neighborhood. On more than one occasion, we believed to have heard multiple shots of gunfire.  The worst of the events was one night when 8 shots were discharged and they sounded like they were directly behind our home.  The fire department located directly behind our home told Sheriff's deputies that the shots sounded like they were fired on their front porch.  Sounded about right to us.  We looked out (that's a no-no by the way, you're not supposed to look out when you hear gun-fire, you're supposed to call 911 and stay out of windows`-which begs the question, how will you give 911 ANY information AT ALL if you didn't see anything?) didn't see anything, didn't like what we heard, but decided to go back to bed.  But I couldn't really get back to sleep.
As I tossed and turned, I realized I was seeing flashing lights coming in through the bedroom window and looked out to see a Deputy scanning the back wall and area adjacent to the street.  I thought "oh, nice!  apparently it really WAS from right behind us!"  he looked around for a little bit and went on his merry way.  15-20 mins later (4:15 in the morning) our door is being banged on! Its Sheriff's Deputies.  Apparently one neighbor thought the gunfire had come FROM our home.  I guess its a good thing CaveMan hadn't cut himself shaving or anything, because I'm pretty sure the only reason they didn't ask to come in was because he didn't have blood on him.
Anyways, that was all nerve-racking enough, but then on three other occasions, we believed we heard random gunfire.  I was beginning to feel very unsafe, and you can see by the time of this post, I'm not sleeping too well these days.
We are 99.9% certain we now have the mystery of random gunfire solved.
As it turns out, there's a drunk dude with a drunk girlfriend who live just across the street from the Fire Department.  They apparently have a penchant for fireworks.
This afternoon we thought we heard gunfire again, looked out again (I know, I know!) and low and behold, there were these two brainiacs setting off fireworks in their backyard! (Fireworks are not only annoying at 3:00am, they are also illegal in the State of Arizona).
This would explain why the Deputies never found any shell casings when we (Cave People and Fire Fighters) all KNEW the "gunfire" was directly behind our home (the drunk dude lives directly across the street from the Fire House, which in turn is directly across the street from our house.)
Even though setting off fireworks is one of those things we would normally not call the cops about, we did today.  I don't think they'll be setting fireworks off anymore, that is assuming they were sober enough to remember that they've received a ticket for doing so.
Knowing now that the "gunfire" was most likely just fireworks, I feel a little silly for getting so aggravated.  I feel like I should be able to tell the difference between  gunfire and fireworks.  But even Cave Man who had been on a firing range this week thought it was gunfire this afternoon, so I guess I'll forgive myself.  But I do feel better now, and safer.  Now if I can only successfully retrain my body to go to sleep sometime before 12:00am!  Because lets face it, no matter how late I stayed up, it never stopped anybody from doing anything that made me jump at my own shadow! (which happened on two occasions during Christmas Break as well.)
Next step is to laugh at it.  Probably tomorrow.


Kristina P. said...

Wowm, glad you figured out what was going on. Considering they are illegal, I can see why you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

GRAMEE said...

you always hear about gunfire like that.. I would have scared me to death. but fire works being discharged scare me to death also..

I would have loved to be the one to call the cops!!

Just SO said...

That would be so freaky! I wouldn't know gunfire at all. Glad you got it all figured out.