Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cute recycled craft gift boxes for Mother's day

These cute recycled gift boxes for Mother's day couldn't be easier, or more fun to make!
Truth be known, these lean more towards the repurposing or reusing side of the whole "reduce, reuse, recycle" trifecta of greenery (what!? What other word do you suggest I use as a verb to describe the act of being "green"?) I have always loved little boxes. I have a very difficult time convincing myself that cute little boxes do not need to be kept. So when I purchased some small wheels of brie a couple of months back I knew I would be repurposing the cute little round boxes that contained that delicious buttery cheese. (By the way...brie baked with a little ChefTess' onion and balsamic jam is to DIE for...)
Happy Mother'S day! My mother and Cave dude Sr.'s mother will each be receiving one of these cute boxes filled with something wonderful. (Mom, if you read this...I'll hand deliver two weeks late! )
If you want to try your hand at recycling or repurposing a cute little crafted box for yourself or your mother, here is what you'll need :
-box of any size or shape in good condition
-mod podge™
-foam brush
-colored or patterned paper of multiple types
- sharp scissors
- hole punch for dots
Opptional- permanent markers, glitter, sequins, rhinestones, etc.
Start by choosing the first surface to work on an coat it thinly in mod podge™ then cover box in preferred  base paper (try picking a patterned paper for extra interest!)
Be creative as you add layers and shapes and textures for your own unique results.
-Cave Mom


Chef Tess said...

Love love love love love them!! Smoooches!!