Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buzz Alert!

A couple of years back, I joined a group called Buzz Agent. In return for getting to try various items for free, I get to spread the word about the products I like. In the past products I really liked were Take5 Candy Bars, the Sonicare Toothbrush ( needed that after the candy bars!..LOL) ZipLoc Big Bags, and a few others. There have been a handful of products that I really haven't cared for so much, so you all may not have heard much about them from me. Well, my latest "Buzz Campaign" ( that's what they call the period of time where I get to try new stuff and spread the word about it) has been for Max Factor. I have never used Max Factor makeup, EVER. I guess I always kind of associated it with my Grandmother, whom I loved dearly, but figured if she wore it, it was old fashioned and out of date, so up until now, I had no experience with Max Factor. Well...recently I rec'd a little package in the mail ( seriously, being a buzz agent can be so fun, who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?) which contained a neutral toned Color Genius blush ( in Peaches...a really nice tone) a seperately packaged natural hair blush brush, a lipfinity longwearing lipcolor set ( color plus refresher gloss) and a Volume Couture Mascara. Of course, like any female who loves make-up, I tore these open and immediately gave them a try. I decided to give them several try-its before sharing my opinion and now's the time to let you all know that your money isn't wasted on Max Factor! I really DONT feel like I'm wearing my grandma's makeup! Now, I have never been too much of a makeup snob and I'm not above wearing "drugstore" brands, in fact, in truth, that's all I've ever really worn. So, if you're a high-end makeup counter kind of gal, I don't have the experience to compare the Max Factor product with what you've been wearing. But what I CAN tell you is, I like this make-up. The neutrals seem to be truly neutral, no turning too orangey, or too pink, the lip color actually stays the same shade it comes out of the applicator in, which I think is a minor miracle. The blush is just OK...I like it, but I'm not so in love with it that I feel the need to go try every shade available. The Mascara...I REALLY like. I will say the feeling of the brush takes some getting used to, its unlike any brush I've used before and it feels a little prickly at first ( its one of those new rubber-y kind) but the application is flawless. No clumps, just a nice natural look. I was able to build it up a little with multiple coats for a more dramatic finish, but the key thing here is NO CLUMPS!

If any of you want to try any of these products, post a reply and I will send a coupon for 2.00 off ANY Max Factor Product to the first 5 people who ask for one.