Sunday, August 3, 2008

No Kimchi for YOu!

So one thing that hubby promised would change after making the move to AZ was that he would be better about taking me out for date nights. Lately, we've been mostly staying in, because Jp's mom, our usual babysitter, had a heart attack and for obvious reasons, isn't babysitting kids right now. We've created a really funny tradition of getting $1.00 ice creams from McDonalds and listening to the Friday Night Ska/Punk Show on the radio. Yeah, we know...that's more pathetic than cool, but we get a really good laugh at ourselves over it and its just plain fun listening to all the old stuff that we outgrew years ago and discussing how all the new bands just aren't "punk enough"...because, we ARE experts on this topic you know...yeah, whatever. Anyways, sometimes we literally play hide-n-seek...and no, that is not any kind of euphamism for anything else. Our bedroom is really dark and we both seem to think its high comedy to hide and try to scare each other. The kids think we are annoying and totally uncool, but that is our job as parents, and we intend to be the most enthusiastically employed parents of all time.
This past Friday we decided to mix it up a bit and try something new. We went for Korean BBQ and that was fun. The Beef was really delicious and so was the soup. The fishcake, shredded radish, tofu, and bean sprouts were really great too. I tried to order Kimchi, but the waitress wouldn't let me. She actually said" no, not for you, not for first time...too hot, no, no, not this time" I can't order Kimchi? I wanted to try it! So eventually she did bring a small bowl to let us try it and I have to say I'm glad I didn't order a whole serving of it. It wasn't gross, but it wasn't really good either. We had so much fun, but JP wouldnt' let me take a picture. too bad, next time!


Marylois said...

I sure wish we had more ethnic places to eat out here! there is a new Japanese sushi place that opened at the Fairway shopping center just a few doors down from Subway. I'm going to have to check it out.

The Copes said...

Sorry Mary, but I won't allow you to complain about your food opportunites. Here in Enterprise we only have one option "Tucks", It's not bad, but you can only have so many hamburgers. Unless you're Be--then you can never have too many.
Sorry to hear about JP's mom, is she ok?--Where are you working?

Lisa said...

I have to say, I am LOVING being back in a big city where just about anything I can imagine is available. Mary, I've heard that Japanese place is good, you should go try it and report back!