Sunday, August 10, 2008

Spanking is for Animals

After a particularly challenging afternoon the other night, I finally threatened that if the undesireable behavior didn't stop, I was going to administer a spanking...But, as they say, "out of the mouths of babes"...Gabriel vehemently informed me that "Spanking is for ANIMALS!".
Yes, Gabriel, it is. *putting hand down now, and feeling ashamed*
( Now if only I could convince him that hissing, spitting, kicking and screaming was also only for animals!)


Marylois said...

Well, if he chooses to act like an animal there you go! Spanking has its place but can loose its effectiveness if used too much. Time out spot works well too. You kind of need to know what buttons to push and its different with each child. I had one that a spank wouldn't faze at all but time out really did. But don't ever say something you're not willing to follow through with.

Hartson family said...

Love it... what a funny kid. I think he's just a bit too smart for his own good!

The Copes said...

I'm a little nervous about how you- all have been treating the local wildlife.
Speaking of Wild, we're getting the boys a puppy for their Birthdays--are we going to regret this?

Lisa said...

Ahh, the time-out. Gabe's kindergarten teacher has renamed the time out "the thinking minute"...LOVE the "thinking minute". It actually tells the child what they are supposed to do during their time-out.

And yes, Jodi, you will regret the dog! LOL