Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm dreaming of a .....

Perfect Day!

Its February, and unless you live in the southern hemisphere, its more than likely that your thoughts have turned to the future.  You're imagining that perfect day that lies ahead when the weather's just right for enjoying your little peice (or shall I say "peace") of heaven.

The Smiths have issued a challenge to write about what a perfect day in your favorite American City/Town/area would be like, and then share your site with them so they can come read about it on your blog.

So it got me thinking, what would a perfect day in my town be like? I think I would actually get out of town and head down the Apache Trail just a bit to find something new.  If you remember a few weeks back we visited the Besh Ba Gowah ruins, and that was dang near a perfect day.  We've also visited the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, and that probably WAS a perfect day.  There's a hole in the wall nearby that I've been meaning to try that serves up Navajo Fry Bread and some soups that sound good, but you know that "perfect" breakfast spot that every town has?  We haven't discovered ours yet.  Canyon Lake is a breathtaking drive through desert mountains, and let us never forget, if we keep on driving down THAT (hwy 88) dirt road we are in for one of the most hair-raising twisty-turny, steep, and downright craziest rides ever. (might want to consider having 4 wheel drive for that one).  I guess the night would end with the one place I love to hate...but is TRULY unique, there's no place else in the country like it...Organ Stop Pizza.  Its weird, really really weird. But you have to smile at it in all its weirdness.

ok-now, post a comment here to say you've got a "favorite day" post on its way! and write!


Heatherlyn said...

I love crisp weather that is warm enough you don't need long sleeves, but not too hot. Or if it is hotter, a cool breeze. But a little bit overcast in the middle of the day because direct hot sunlight can be uncomfortable. I don't know! I love spring and fall!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

We are really lucky this time of year out here in the desert, aren't we?! I am looking forward to heading up to the Renaissance Faire in couple of weeks!

tiburon said...

Yesterday was pretty darn perfect.

Workout at the gym.
Lunch with friends.
And a 16 mile bike ride. It was sunny and gorgeous. Not too hot. Not too cold :)