Wednesday, February 4, 2009


First day of kindergarten, morning recess-
me: "can I be your friend?"
boy: "no way, I don't like you"

First day of Junior High-lunch-
me to friend from elementary school: "Hi! Oh my gosh, I haven't seen you all summer! Wanna sit over there?"
friend from elementary school: "um, no, I'm sitting over there, but you can't come with me. We're into Depeche Mode, you don't even know who they are."

First day of 8th grade-
me to my 7th grade sister: "Can I sit with you and your friends at lunch?"
sister:"leave me alone, you're not one of my friends"

First day of 9th grade-
me:"Hi, I saw you in my science class, can I sit with you?"
girl: dead silence, disgusted glare, picked up her lunch and walked away to another table. I sat alone and cried.

Its really no wonder I stopped trying to make friends for a very long time.

but how 'bout this? Have you ever stopped by a blog that was listed on a blog roll such as Mormon Mommy Blogs, or Blog Stalkers Unite and left a comment and then you go back later when you have a chance to read a little more because you enjoyed what you saw the first time, and you realize that within hours of your comment on the first post, the blog went private? I'm smart enough to know that its probably not just MY comment, but a combination of factors which would cause a person to go private...I mean, you guys get my comments, I think I send nice, not scary, comments out your way, but I can't shake that "what did I do to make you reject me" feeling! PAAAAAHHHHH-thet-IK!

***On a side note, every single one of those people from school (-EXCEPT my sister-) turned out to be a stoner loser afterall, so in the whole scope of things...I guess I shouldn't be too upset that they didn't want to include me in their stoner looserdom.

If you are visiting from an AZ city...remember to vote in the upper right hand corner and leave a comment on the post below about an AZ meet'n'greet. :)
(if you don't, I'll feel rejected


Chris said...

Rejection. That's a horrible feeling. I wouldn't want to relive my younger school years for anything.

I think you might need a hug today. {{{{HUG}}}}

Chris said...

Oh, and I'll be checking back later today to see if your blog went private. :)

Unknown said...

I guess we all experience it from time to time. So glad that they weren't the right crowd after all.

Perhaps I have the opposite problem. I'm usually so public that people shy away and never approach me. I'll never go private— don't go private on me (unless you invite me first).

rachel said...

I always think it is so weird that someone would put their blog on MMB and Blog Stalkers and then want their privacy?! What are they thinking? Wish I lived in Arizona...:)

Tana said...

I understand others need to go private,but I don't understand why they can support me in my voyeurism.

Lara Neves said...

Weird about the private blog thing. I'm positive it wasn't you though! I love your comments. They are never creepy (and you made me feel so much better about my haircut yesterday!).

I hear you on the making friends thing. That happened to me more than once, too. I will never understand how kids can be so cruel. I hope my children never treat anyone that way.

Heatherlyn said...

Your post has a serious side to it, and it also made me laugh, your bad luck. But I have had someone comment on my post basically saying that I commented on her post and who am I? Which I never could figure out because as far as I could tell her blog was private and I only visited blogs that were on the mr.linky or who looked like they wanted comments and I'm always nice. So that was wierd.

People can be so WIERD. I don't have a problem with private blogs, but unless you get a creepy blog stalker, what's the point in being private? Does anyone really have something sooooo private and special that they feel it could be violated by a complete stranger knowing about it? If they wanted a private blog couldn't they start a private blog with all the super-special-top-secret stuff? Anyway. People can be wierd.

Brittany Marie said...

Wait wait wait a minute. So there are people who join things like MMB and Blog Stalkers United and then they go private? Seriously? What is the point of that?!

PS: I would have sat by you!

Goob said...

I will say this, the blog that went private and I both have something in common that she had made public and I do not make public, but I had made a public comment on hers. Incidentally, I not only returned to read more, but also to delete my comment I had made because I didn't want people linking over there and seeing my "little secret" (lol) so in a way, its a relief that she went private since I couldn't get in there to delete my comment.
(BTW the "secret's" hardly even interesting...and probably hardly even a secret! lol)

AW Cake! said...

Awww! You can always sit next to ME at lunch time! (But I bring a sack lunch that usually has a PB&J sandwich in it wrapped in tin foil.) *nervous laugh*

Jillene said...

Rejection is always a horrible thing. But just know that I would have sat by you and I still would!!

Kristina P. said...

I moved to Provo when I was in the 9th grade, and there were hardly any high schoolers in my ward.

I latched onto this girl because I was so desperate for a friend. Like 2 months later, she had her friend tell me to stop sitting with them and hanging out with them, and that she never liked me. It was so traumatizing.

Goob said...

Chris..Amen sister! There is no amount of anything good that could get me to voluntarily relive my school days.
Cajoh...yeah, "sometimes goodbye is a second chance" (did you like how I worked a song in there?)
Rachel!--did you get your hair done yet? I wish you were here too.
Tana-I'll support you in your voyeurism so long as you stay away from my bedroom window.
Lara...I think the same things. I really TRULY hope my children never treat other children the way I was treated. Have I ever mentioned that two of my kids are very well liked at school and it makes me very nervous sometimes? How do you raise a "popular" kid?
Heatherlyn, I had somebody e-mail me yesterday asking "who are you?" I'm not exactly sure how to answer that question. I'm not sending her my name, that's for sure!
Wixom..I may have solved the problem of raising a popular child...does sending them to school with food wrapped in tin-foil in a brown bag ruin their social life? Cuz I did that to my son the whole entire week last week. :S make me smile.
Kristina...feelin' your pain. There is a girl from highschool who was never very nice to me who has become a wonderful freind now though, so hey, maybe you oughta look her up! lol

Just SO said...

Right now I don't surf around blogs too much because I've found many that I already love and have little time for more. I'm sorry you are feeling rejected! My place is still open.

I would so be to that lunch if I was in AZ.

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

I'd so sit by you...and beat anyone up who looked sideways at you!
I'm wondering if the people from your past who grew up to become stoners and losers, maybe also grew up to become bloggers who close up shop on good people for no good reason either??
I wish I lived in AZ.
No I don't.
But, I do wish I lived next door to you!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Rejection just plain sucks! I would definitely sit with you at the lunch table. Those creeps didn't know what they were missing:)

Lucky for me, I DO live in AZ and will definitely be at your meet-and-greet!

Unknown said...

Is it mean of me to say I think it is funny when people go private? Like, do they think people are online really stalking them and their life? I feel lucky just to get an extra hit on my page!

Jen {} said...

I went through rejection big time in junior high. It was really tough! Some went on to be Stoners, others didn't, and the funny thing is, I'm hooking back up with some of them on Facebook (the non-stoners, of course). Explain that to me? Weird. Anyway, I think a lot of people go private after they read articles or hear news stories about keeping info private. I had several who went private after they did a news story on blogging in our neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

I will never go private on you!

Blog is my Co-Pilot said...

Does anybody else have "I'm your Private Dancer" going through their heads?

Vanessa said...

Apparently you aren't on Facebook. It's like a big popularity contest with my old HS classmates. All those same feelings come flooding back.

I won't leave you!

Hartson family said...

You... rejected! I cannot believe that for anything in the world. You're one of my coolest and most funny friends. You must be joking!

Kastina said...

Ooh sadddd. I like your blog though...? Feel better?

The Smiths said...

What??? I didn't say you're not my friend, I said "NO BULLIES ALLOWED", before I pushed you down. Just kidding...
So you really won't tell what blogger went private, huh? Are you afraid I'd beat them up?

Goob said...

smiths--yeah, Mostly.