Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday shopping 6 year old boy style

Day 1 "Mom! check out these really awesome laser dolphins!"
Day 2 "Mom! we went to the Holiday Gift Shop today and here is my list of things to buy tomorrow"
(note list includes 1 item for mom, 0 items for dad, 2 items for said 6 year old, 1 item for sister #3, 0 items for sisters #1 and #2, 1 item for 1 grandfather, 1 item for 1 cousin, 0 items for any remaining family members.)
Day 3 "Mom! I saw something I really wanted so I changed my mind and didn't get you a necklace so I could get what I wanted.  Isn't this snake cool!?"

When I asked him if he thought putting back a gift for me so he could get himself a 3rd item was a good choice, he said with complete sincerity "I guess I should have put back Lily's gift instead."