Monday, November 30, 2009

Just like Vikings, only they walked

It's been a fairly long spell since I've been to Primary.  Since the time a former Bishop came to the knowledge that at 35 years old I had spent 16 years serving in Primary, I've been given a furlough of sorts.  I admit, I've really enjoyed adult lessons, adult conversation, adult perspective.  But what I realized this past Sunday as I substitute taught the six and seven year olds, I also miss the humor the kids provide!

Here's my short "Overheard in the Ward" style list:

"Does everybody know who the Pioneers were?"--"Yeah, they were just like Vikings, only they walked."

"Who can tell me what the Bishop does with our tithing after we've given it to him?"--"First he checks it to make sure its all there and nobody stole any."/ "He takes it STRAIGHT to Jesus...or does Jesus come to get it?"/ "He uses it to get stuff."

"Is anybody allergic to any kind of food?" (food is allowed for an object lesson, and an object lesson we had.)--"No, I'm not allergic to any food, just my brother."

"My lips taste like an apple-pear"--"What? Your lips taste like a black bear?"

"His nickname (middle) is Thomas? I thought he was named Dave" (he's really named Gabe).

"What is Christmas really about?"--"Its about Jesus, but we get all the presents we want."

"Mary, Mary, these kids are gettin' WILD!" (I thought to myself as singtime drew near an end and I realized I would have to keep them interested for another hour all by myself after they sang 'Mary, Mary, look at the child" one last time.)


Kristina P. said...

Man, I need to go to primary more often!

ramsam said...

I am currently in the Primary- have been for about 15 years, with a small stint as Homemaking leader (which made me rush back to Primary). Those kids are the best, aren't they?