Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is this a good choice? Or a bad choice?

If you don't know ChefTess, its time to get yourself in the know.  She is a little bit-o-kooky, and a whole lot-o-evil genius.  She is also an actual, real-life friend of mine, which makes life both fun and delicious.

So Tess does this thing she calls Evil Think Tank.  She gets together with a friend, brings with her all kinds of crazy good ingredients and a basic goal for the day, such as "come up with the most purely evil tart ever."  And then the baking begins.  Tuesday morning I was ever so lucky and got to be an evil thinker in this week's think tank.  Man! did we have fun.  And lest you think that "Evil" is just a word we're throwing about far too casually, consider this:  I ran off to the produce market to buy some last minute ingredients.  My bill came to $6.66, Tess has picture proof of this.

So anyways, we made some seriously evil tarts (check out Tess's blog this week (CheffTessBakeresse), she's not only doing tutorials, but a giveaway which includes a cooking lesson for any Phoenix area readers and a wonderful tart pan like I've never seen, very heavy duty and totally and completely non-stick!) and of course we had to taste them.  Truth in advertising, right?  So as we're sitting at the table, nibbling (and I do mean nibbling, we are frankly a little afraid of the calorie count in these tarts) we serve a slice up to miss Lily.  She dives right in, and then about 3 bites into it says "Is this a bad choice? Or a good choice?"  To which Tess and I both answered, "That's a very good question."


Kristina P. said...

That tart looks incredible!

Chef Tess said...

Yes!! Had so much fun my dear! Please let's do it again! Love you and your very evil mind.