Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clearly you never had a 3 year old of your own.
I read this article last night and just can't stop thinking about this.  How on earth did this doctor get immunity from prosecution?  Will she keep her license?  Is she going to continue endangering children with high doses of ADULT medications based on their parent's reports that they are behaving like ungodly brats? Or in other words, they're acting like THREE YEAR OLDS!

You find me a three-going-on-four year old that doesn't seem hyperactive and or bi-polar and I submit to you that you have found a three-going-on-four year old who is either developmentally delayed, sick, or an absolutely perfect angel who will rain hell-fire and damnation on her parents when she goes through puberty in order to make them pay for the perfect toddler years.

Three-going on-four year olds are emotional! They are famous for being happy one part of the day and distraught the next.  Is it even possible to diagnose this kind of illness in a toddler?  This is an age where they are confused about the world around them, trying desperately to control their lives and separate their identity from their parent's.  I'm no psychiatrist but I know how three-going-on-four year old's behave, and its not pretty.  I'd be willing to bet that if I described any one of my children's or niece's or nephew's behavior at this age to a psychiatrist without telling them the age of the child (the article seems clear that the doctor knew this was a very young child, but relied solely on the parent's description of behavior) that they too would diagnose the kid with bi-polar disorder.  4 year olds have good days and bad days, and frankly, the bad days are really bad days.

Maybe I'm out of line even sharing my opinion on this given that I have no experience in the field, but something tells me this doctor behaved recklessly and should not be treating pediatric patients.  Its horrifying to think that a child died because of a selfish mother who found a way to work the system and get disability payments while simultaneously exempting herself from even having to try to parent or teach her children to control themselves, and that she was enabled by a licensed mental health practitioner.



The Wixom Zoo said...

I totally agree. I have a particularly rambunctious 5 year old who we call The Tornado because she's just crazy sometimes. I've asked the doctor about her and he said that it was completely normal. Maybe the 'doctor' needs to go back to med school.

Kristina P. said...

This is SOOOOO frustrating. You know I work with at-risk teenagers. When I meet with a new intake, I do an assessment and ask them about diagnoses. Many of them say, "Well, I was diagnosed as bipolar when I was 3." Ummmmm, really? How in the hell does that happen?

Oh, and Bipolar is the new ADHD. No joke. Every kid I see thinks they have it or has been told they have it.

Jillene said...

I think that the Dr. is just as at fault as hte parents. And I agree----sick, sick, sick.

April said...

TOTALLY AGREE. Diagnosing a child that young with such a serious ailment is ridiculous. I don't even have children and I know this.

Anonymous said...

I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old. At a daycare the 4 year old was at, they tested him to see if he was delayed and insinuated that he was ADHD (before he turned 4). He's no longer there. We restricted his diet (removed Red 40) from it and he is less moody and better behaved. Not that they are angels - they are kids like you said. I was going to do anything in my power to keep him off of drugs even if it required home schooling (which is great for some people but not something that I all that interested in doing YET). Getting benefits for a child solely because of ADHD is a crock and BiPolar in a child seems crazy in all but one in a trillion cases or so. I think you hit the nail right on the head.

The Lamps Family said...

I agree with you that is really sickening. The fact that the Dr. didn't insist on meeting and observing the child, is weird to me. And I think that you are right in that Dr. had a child of 3 he would laugh at the parents and say that it is normal. I think it is sad at how quick people are willing to diagnose there kids with such things at such a young age.
I have had people tell me to get Kaleb diagnosed with ADHD and medicate him and to this I say HE*@ NO. He is a typical 3 going on 4 yr old, yes there are days that I just want to rip my hair out, but there are more days that he impresses me with how well he is learning to control himself.
It really makes me sick that these parents did this to their little girl for money, and I am revolted that the Dr. would prescribe adult doses of medication without seeing the child himself. I agree with you it is just SICK.

Anonymous said...

As a mom of three, I'm constantly being judged about my 3 year old's behavior problems. I have two older children so I had been through the terrible twos, threes, etc... My son has aleays had behavior issues. He has tried to jump in front of cars, saying I want to die, he has overdosed on medications that were locked in a tool box, he has repeatedly tried to hurt me, by punching, kicking, throwing objects, and spitting. This happens at least three times a day every day. He doesn't sleep. The most he ever sleeps is 2 hours at a time. He goes days without eating, only drinking. My husband and I both have family members with Bi-polar. My son is not currently medicated, we go to play therapy and occupational therapy. It isn't working. Early onset bi-polar isn't out of the question. What am I to do? Wait around until he kills himself or badly hurts his siblings? Our whole family is affected,we all could get hurt.

clan of the cave hair said...

Dear anonymous, I think its important to recognize that my opinion of this situation was based solely on the information that the article provided, and that it was simply the opinion of a mother who is not a doctor of any sort. While I'm sure you feel frustrated by my opinion, the fact is I would still consider it hugely irresponsible for a doctor of psychiatry who did not specialize in pediatric psychiatry to diagnose, treat, and increase medications purely based on your verbal indications of your child's behavior. I think that we can all agree that a responsible doctor sees his or her patients directly, and observes their patient before medicating and increasing existing medications. I stand by my opinion that this doctor acted irresponsibly. That said, my heart goes out to you and your child, it would seem obvious that he is hurting and I hope that your family is successful in getting him the help he needs, and that you are able to find a responsible and caring doctor to help him. No judgement offered. Some behaviors a parent just cannot control.