Friday, June 19, 2009

Recycle, Re-use, Re...Respirate?

You already knew that mad scientist junior, the most thoroughly evolved of the cave-hair-clan has been experimenting with possible alternate uses for empty water bottles. Fortunately, his master plan to develop a "bepwoding" device using tired old AA batteries, speaker wire, and a water bottle proved inert. (ok, he doesn't say "bepwoding" anymore, but I still do!) But did you know if you punched tiny holes in an empty water bottle you could use it as a respirator while the carpet guy treats the animal stains the previous tenants left behind? Apparently its not as effective as hoped for, since the project was found left on the stairway shortly after it was introduced. A more effective use for said empty water bottles was far simpler. One bottle strapped to each wrist with a single, wide, rubber band creates excellent arm-rockets. Of course, they would be even better rockets if they were full of soda, shaken heartily, and let loose, but we'll pretend we never thought of that! ;)

I'm pretty sure when my son is grown he will tell his children that when he was a child he didn't have any toys and he had to make up his own toys out of plastic water bottles. He will have entirely forgotten the 3 buckets of toys sitting in his closet as I type. His memory of the things purchased will fade, but I gaurantee you he'll remember the things he created. And that's why those water bottles haven't been sent to the place they belong yet. He's having too much fun with them. Poor little mad-scientist, mommy won't buy him a real toy. Better go make up a new one!


Jillene said...

Maybe he will also tell his children that he had to walk to school barefoot in the snow and it was 10 miles round trip. Oh wait--you don't get snow. Bummer!!