Thursday, March 26, 2009


It seems that perhaps my children know me even better than I know myself. I didn't think I was so terribly predictable, I like to try new things, I appreciate a new adventure. But apparently there are a few things I never vary.

Consider this morning's conversation between me and 3 year old Lily:

Lily: I'm hungee, I like some cereal.
Mommy: You are going to work with me today and we are out of milk, if we leave RIGHT NOW I will take you to Jack in the Box for a Breakfast Jack.
Lily: I can have a chocolate milk?
Mommy: sure
Lily: You can have a Diet Coke?
Mommy: (laughing) you betcha!

To tell the truth, my thought process had not actually gotten as far as "if I take Lily to get a breakfast jack then I can have a diet coke." i was just considering that the breakfast I had made her into which I had folded orange-creme flavored mucinex (at daddy's request to get her to eat it) and been left untouched except for the single bite she took where it was determined that orange-creme-mucinex flavored scrambled eggs wasn't going to be the next taste sensation.


Just SO said...

Sounds like she knows you really well!

Heatherlyn said...

Kids are SMART!

rachel said...

I'll have to remember about the mucinex and eggs combo :)

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I always try these little tricks with my kids and always find my plans foiled!