Friday, March 20, 2009


Lately I've heard Gabe try out a few "slang" words. I don't remember the other couple of words he used, but this morning he came in to tell me about the Ben10 episode he just watched. I think his use of the word was extra funny to me because the reason he was telling the story was to tell me that they said "Shut-UP" on the show (which he isn't allowed to say). It seemed so strange to hear him use slang, and in the same breath tattle about another word. It was just a simple little sentence, but coming from a 5 year old as part of his first attempts, it sounded funny.

Gabe: "On Ben10, these two bad guys tried to JACK the camper, and then Ben turned into 4arms and they looked at each other and started arguing and one of them said SHUT-UP!"...all with really wide eyes for emphasis.

I know the retelling isn't that funny, but I wished I could remember what he said the other day that made me laugh, but since I didn't write it down, I couldn't remember it. So know the "Jacked" story is written.


SO said...

We don't allow our kids to tell each other to Shut up but I use it often. Probably too often as emphasis words.

In fact when our kids were little. the s.h. word was shut up! HA!

Erin said...

Kids are so funny. My five year old said that his friend at school was saying things that weren't nice, but when I finally coerced it out of him, his friend was just making farting noises with his armpit. (I guess that's better than the words "shut up".)

Bee and Rose said...

I have a horrible habit of saying this was "jacked" or I "jacked" that! Bad nasty slang habit that I really need to break!

susette said...

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ramsam said...

My oldest used to say "Shut" and then point up in a very angry manner, because sut up was not allowed, either. Oh yeah...that rule is way gone nowadays!