Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day is Special Day...

...its the day you get ready for nothing...J/K. But I am in a sing-song-y kind of mood again, which is amazing, because I'm carrying around an extra 5 lbs of water weight from the horrible chinese food I "ate" last night. (and by ATE, I mean, put in my mouth, chewed, swallowed, and came home and puked up).

Here's a few little ditty's I'd like to hear from the pulpit tomorrow morn. I was hoping that perhaps the young men could quick put together an ensemble, its always such a pleasure. ;)

"If You Chance to Meet a Mom"

If you chance to meet a mom
and you are being bad
you had better run away before she gets her bat

no one likes a real mad mom
you better run away
you had better make her smile
if you want a better day

or, how about

"My Mom Has Seen the Glory"

My mom has seen the glory of a sparkling clean room
it happened in her dreams one day
She just gave me a broom
I don't know what to do with it
she just tells me to go
to my room, better march sir, now!

Mommy's lost her silly mind
if she thinks I'm gonna clean
Cleaning up is just for mommy's
but not on Mother's Day.

Mommy said she didn't want a present
"Just Be GOOD"
How is it a special day if I'm just being good?
Being good's no fun and 'sides
a presents better pay
My mom's trying to ruin my day

Mommy thinks "good" is present
Mommy's gonna build resentment
Mommy didn't want a present
she's just being a mean mom

Mommy loved her breakfast
served in bed on this great day
Cheerios and milk and toast
on a wire tray
The cooling rack don't hold the bowl
and cheerios are in the bed
Now Mom is turning Red

Mommy's trying to be forgiving
5-am's an hour for living
Mommy's looking kind of tired
But she won't get a nap today!
Hoooooraaaaay! (shouted)

Happy Mother's Day! May your day be blessed with peace, quiet, and happiness! (or at least the dream of)


Kristina P. said...

OK, you and me should team up to write ad jingles. I will write the titles, and you can write the songs.

Tana said...

I love it. These need to be added to my talk. I will see if I can get it in. You are awesome.

Whitney R said...

Your so talented. I couldn't do this if I tried. Very clever :)

Heatherlyn said...

Hey, amen to nothing being better than kids who clean up, follow all the rules, and DON'T bicker with each other! My kids are pretty darn good ... but I don't think we've yet to make it through a day where all the kids have done all of those things. :)

SO said...

Ha! Those are great!

I hope you did get a nap on Mother's Day! And that your kids were good.