Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Season's Greetings / No News is Good News

Yep, its September, Yep, I meant to title my post that. Why not? Costco has Christmas stuff in stock, and so does Hobby Lobby, so I'm running with it. Although, I must admit, I'm not sending you Christmas wishes, or New Year's wishes. I'm acknowledging the time and season for change. Time is running head-long into Autumn here (I actually got cold overnight and had a blanket over me to sleep!...that is a happy day here in Arizona) and Autumn seems to be bringing with it more than just a changing of the leaves. (Which we won't see on the Palms or Mesquite, or the Pines up north even if we did take a drive.) Responsibilities have changed, both voluntarily and involuntarily. Suddenly my quiet little life has exploded into a flurry of activity, and some things must give.

I never felt a "responsibility" towards blogging, except way back before we were "Clan of the Cave Hair" and blogging was a way to keep out of town family informed about the kids, the funny things they said and did and any adventures we embarked on. We became "Clan of the Cave Hair" and blogging got really fun. This became a place to write down every silly thing thought I had, ever idea, notion, question, etc. I'm sure I wrote down quite a bit of non-sense, but hey, the subtitle IS "Nonsensical Adventures of a Tribe with Bad Hair" so I do not apologize for the non-sense. But that leads me to my next thought which is : as fun as it is to post non-sense, as much as I enjoy non-sense, I don't have time to think about our own non-sense right now, only to read other's, and I've gotten really picky about that.

So perhaps its just a season of change. Once upon a time Clan of the Cave Hair was listed under a mommy-blog directory as a "funny lady"...I'm thinking the better category right now would be "blog which is being totally ignored and is no fun to read anymore." Come-on, that's a real category! (and you know it! This is not the first blog to go that way.) So, daily posts, no more, can't do it, don't care. Silly posts, sure, if I have a silly moment long enough to realize something hilarious is happening. Reflective posts, probably, that seems to be my season right now.

So, season's greetings, and welcome change. See ya when I see ya, and remember...in the famous words of my mother, "No news is good news".


Vanessa said...

Well, I will miss you. But, its totally understandable. Hope to see you around the blogosphere :)

Kristina P. said...

What!?!? I would never only post once a week!!

Jillene said...

I will still love you and your blog no matter what. I post about all sorts of things. Good, funny, sad, angry....jsut whatever I feel like and I don't post everyday anymore either.

The Sartori's said...

I have been feeling guilty for the path my blog has taken. I felt like I was actually letting people down by letting it fizzle. Because, I am that important and people care about my random thoughts that much that they are feeling let down that I have become too busy and distracted to write for them.
I'm going to stop feeling guilty, I have no obligation to my blog and people are going to live normal eventful lives with out me.
I understand, but I am sad. I think you are hilarious.