Friday, July 24, 2009


I have come upon a few realizations over the past several weeks, here they are:

I like Twitter to receive specials, product updates, and other important information from retailers and restaurants.

I don't like Twitter to get people's random thoughts. They usually interrupt me at church, during a movie, or out to dinner with my family.

A portion of whole-wheat flour in your favorite pizza dough recipe makes an even better pizza dough. CrunchY!=yum.

3 year olds are both a delight, and a threat to sanity.

6 year olds know how to do alot of things, except for the things you expect them to know how to do.

12 year olds who are within days of their 13th birthday get VERY excited about becoming a teenager.

15 year olds are way too anxious to drive. ( I remember being that 15 year old!)

I have lost alot of really good habits I used to have. Fortunately, I know exactly where to find them!

Budgeting money makes it feel like you never have any money at all. I currently have almost three hundred bucks in my wallet and I feel like I can't even take the kids to McDonalds because I'm out of money. (because its set aside for another purpose.)

When you tell your kids what a budget is and why you have one, and tell them if you stick to the budget then a trip to Disneyland will come later in the year, they immediately begin insisting on sticking to the budget.

6 year olds think that a new car costs 107 trillion dollars.

Even though mommy is documented to be the worst video game player ever, she may still be asked for assistance in conquering a difficult task. If mommy gets your guy killed, its ok, because she was trying to help.

A Britta Water Pitcher is an EXCELLENT investment. Delicious water! (and always cold if you keep it filled and in the fridge)

Identifying a person's strengths, through their weaknesses, is impossible if you have a bad attitude. Even harder if you dont like the person.

Eyes say alot about a person. If your eyes remind me of Darth Sideous, I will probably steer clear of you.

I'm really excited to go to my Mom and Dad's for a couple days next week.

I'm really excited for my big girls to come to AZ for a few weeks.

School starts for Goob a full week earlier than I expected, which means we have 5 days to figure out how to do something fun to call it "summer".

I feel a little silly signing up to be in a martial arts competition. But not silly enough to skip it.

I think other people's drama is lame and don't like being around it. Ironic since I spent a huge portion of my life involving everybody in my drama. Sorry to those who I dragged down, you tried to tell me to stop it. I didn't understand back then. Now I do!

A glow stick that lasted forever would be an excellent invention.

I really want to invent something! But I only have lame ideas and zero know-how, either that or my ideas are already being done by somebody else. (ie: attractive integrated solar tiles for roofing that look like regular roofing.) grrrr.

Apparently if enough people stop listening to a radio station, they will eventually figure out its their format that sucks and do something about it.

I love an apron with pockets on it. Emily made me one for mother's day, I wear it every day. One pocket gets my cell-phone, the other gets all the little clips, bobbypins, strings, rubber bands, etc that I pick up off the floor during the day.

I may need to make another apron with pockets on it so this one can get washed.

I stink after karate.

Having a "Come to Jesus" meeting with kids about public nudity, fighting, back-talk, and other rudeness can actually have a positive effect. :)

One (very old) toilet brush for three bathrooms doesn't cut it.

I'm thinking one of those food storage machines that seals the food and sucks the air out would be a great investment now that we have a separate freezer.

Knowing what your grocery total should be before you get to the store can pay off. That way you know you've been overcharged for something when your total is 12.00 higher than you expected. It also can get you an item for free when you can show them what you were overcharged on.

108 degrees is so much cooler than 115 degrees that you catch yourself thinking "Man, its really nice out today."

I've been using my ironing board backwards for years! What else can explain that when I used it the way JP had it set up, I was able to iron his work uniform in under 5 minutes and it looked GREAT! (It was taking me 15 minutes and they'd come out terrible before).

That bag-o-random-electric-chords that we have? ( that apparently at somepoint I told JP to throw away? ) It had my sewing machine chord in it. JP keeping it saved us $47.99

If you suggest to your husband that you have recently realized that he hasn't been doing much in the way of zoning-out/stress-relief, you will find that your Wii is set up and being played in less than 15 minutes.

Lily knows the chorus to "I was wrong" by Social Distortion.

Scary Skeleton Rock Out Music is not an option for Pandora.

When a 10 year old boy asks you if you know the Lollipop song, keep your fingers crossed that they mean the one from the 50's...there is a small possibility that this is the one they mean, and you don't have to have a look of shock and horror on your face. When they start singing the oldie, smile, laugh, and do the "Pop" part.

Lowering expectations rarely results in positive change.

It is entirely possible to be happy for a friend who's experiencing tremendous and unexpected success in a career you always wanted but never had the guts to pursue.

I never thought I'd be the mom who looked forward to school going back in session. I have to admit, I'm looking forward to it.

I'm looking forward to some of my favorite blogs getting back in the groove so I can have something entertaining to read.

I have an opinion about some very popular blogs that would be quite unpopular.

I can drink 1.89 liters of water in the evening after karate, and still wake up dehydrated the next morning. I think that's somekind of special talent.

I'm excited to relearn what some of my talents are now that I have time at home.

When I get going on one of these "list" posts, I get too long winded.


tiburon said...

LOVE your realizations!

I am not a big fan of Twitter. I think it is so narcissistic.

Totally agree with you on the 3 and 6 year olds.

What is this "budget" thing you speak of?

Where do mom and dad live?

Are you talking about my blog? You can say whatever you want about my blog. I am fine with it ;)

Kristina P. said...

I'm with Tib. Don't love me some Twitter. I think that most online forums are narcissistic. Let's be honest. But I don't need to know what you're doing every minute of your life! Unless I don't like you and am judging you, of course.

And you will do great at the karate compeition. Hi YA!!

Jessie Geroux said...

I LOVE your list posts Lisa--

I was just thinking about getting/making an apron I am sick and tired of doing dishes and having a huge wet spot on my shirt, plus I was thinking one with pockets would be great for the phones so I stop leaving them on the opposite floor of the house having to run for them when one rings

do you have twitter on your cell phone or something? how is it interrupting? LOL

I don't even know if there are other women 1st stripe yellow belts that will be at the tournament-so yeah either I get to go up against a dude (if they allow that) or a kid--talk about feeling silly

Heatherlyn said...

I don't do twitter.

I can completely relate on the budget issue. We are going to be involving our kids in saving for a large purchase. Hopefully this will help them to be on board when we don't spend money on anything else they want for a year. Hopefully.

I bet you are having a blast with Karate. I need to find something that motivates me to move around.

I'm not very excited for school to start. My evenings are way more hectic when school is in session. And this is my last year with one child who is still not in school. My kids are growing up way too quickly!

There are no blogs that I have bad opinions about. A lot of blogs simply don't appeal to me. But I don't think I blog hop very often so I really have no idea what is out there. And I'm OK with that. I think I still follow basically the same blogs that I did in the beginning.

Have fun with your 1 week of summer!

Lara said...

I think you are so cool for doing karate.

I loved your list, but I can't remember most of my comments about it...not having much sleep last night. But it was a great list.

Hartson family said...

Thanks for being the one truly entertaining and updated blog I read daily.

Chef Tess said...

Love your soul Lisa! LOVE it!!