Thursday, July 2, 2009


Yesterday, you all suggested we get a king size bed. To tell the truth, we had already discussed this option, recently. It would fit nicely in the nice big master we now reside in, and our current queen is really broken down. Neither of us sleeps well on it anymore.

But the question is this: Do you think its appropriate to use the money JP earned escorting a WIDE LOAD truck to purchase a bigger bed?

(you better think that's funny, because we had tears rolling down our faces when JP asked that!)


Lara said...

Ha! Oh yes, completely appropriate. I don't think anything else would be. :)

Kristina P. said...

Of course! I have a very wide load.

Jillybean said...

Yes, I think that would be totally appropriate as long as you don't make any comments about our California King sized bed.

Octamom said...

I believe it would create great symmetry in the universe should the Wide Load money be used for wider bedtime accomodations....;o)