Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Risking Life and Limb

Today, I am risking life and limb in hopes of breaking through these prison bars I have created for myself. Let me explain.

You all know JP sleeps during the day because he is a big-bad-macho-man who works all night long.

You all know I have a couple of WILD kids at home.

These wild kids are extremely creative. They can find a new way to fight, a new thing to fight about, or a new game that involves fighting at the drop of a hat.

I have become a hostage to the fighting, trying my best to deal with it with dirty looks and stage-whispers. I have believed that any other sort of dealing with it which would cause greater commotion than they've already brought into the home would serve to be "the last straw" in waking up JP and interrupting what little rest he gets.

Today, its done! If he only gets 2 hours of sleep because of my actually making it stop, so be it. I'm thinking of it as having a baby who is too old to not be sleeping through the night. You let them cry and scream for a couple of nights, and then its over, you have peace.
If these kids cry and scream and threaten to wake daddy because mommy won't allow them to spend their entire morning fighting, hitting, scratching, screaming, chasing, name-calling, licking (yes Licking!) mooning each other (seriously?) or otherwise being obnoxious in an unhappy way, then too bad! I'm done! I have allowed them to steal peacable mornings from me. No more. I'm taking the morning back.


(it is now silent in my home, because I put these two back to bed. They went screaming and crying, and I thought for sure I'd be having to deal with a grumpy bear too, but he didn't come out of his den, and he probably heard us and smiled to himself thinking "Its about time she cracked the whip!" ahhhhhhhhhh, silence. If they haven't reset their attitudes when they wake up, they'll go back. I'm done.)


Kristina P. said...

You tell them who's boss, Lisa!!! I wish I had a mommy who would make me stay in bed.

Heather said...

I am gonna see if this method works for us!!! That's how my kids have been lately and it is driving me crazy!

Lara Neves said...

You go girl! Good luck!

Heatherlyn said...

Boundaries are a really good thing. :)

tiburon said...

Good luck!!! You are crazy!

Chef Tess said...

Yeah Lisa!!

Hartson family said...

I love you Lisa! Because you have real kids, because you have real problems, because you too have reached your limit, because you took action! Wishing you all the luck in the world! And secretly wishing it for myself too.