Friday, September 11, 2009

Where Were You?

Where were you on Sep 11, 2001 when you first heard the news?

I was in bed. Either my mom or my sister called (I don't remember who anymore) to say "TURN ON YOUR NEWS NOW!" I didn't have cable, so I turned on the radio and got online. I had to get my girls to school, (no I was not going to be one of those who shook in fear in my tiny apartment, we were going to proceed as usual so as not to scare the children.) so I put them in the bathtub. Apparently my 15 year old remembers that day too. She said she very clearly remembers me telling her to shush in the tub because I was trying to hear the news.

What were you doing? What do your kids remember about that day?


Kristina P. said...

Same type of situation. My dad called me before work.

I was working for DCFS at the time, and we had court that day. I just remember how solemn and sad everyone was at court.

Lamps Family said...

I was 19 and at home with my parents asleep, I woke up to my parents saying "oh my gosh", I got up and started watching the news. My mom and I had a visiting teaching appointment, we went but we all just ended up watching more news. My parents were planning a trip to California that day, they were riding the train, the train was delayed for a few hrs, the next day their train was de-railed luckily they weren't on it (although we thought they were), they had to switch trains but were never told why. For the next few days we were glued to the T.V., a few people in my moms ward lost family members that day, some in the towers,one was a firefighter.

Jessie Geroux said...

I was on the computer (as usual) had been up with my 1 year old Tyler for awhile (Jas worked in restaurants and had been gone for hours at that point.He had kitchen prep duty that morning) I was doing some homework for an online college course and saw the headline for what they thought was just a regular plane the time I turned on the tv the 2nd plane had hit and I was confused because I thought they were still talking about the 1st one...I watched until about 9am our time and then packed up and went to my 1st MOPS meeting since moving down from Flagstaff-I was so numb I just sat there and didnt meet anyone and ended up not even going back to that MOPS group.

J. P. said...

I was overseas and getting ready to go to some training when we saw the news. It was surreal. I hear stories from people here in the states and how strange it was not to see any planes, but f16's, or ANY cars on the freeways... I often wonder how I would have felt being HERE.

One of our friends was flying home from Scotland, when the pilot came on the speaker and announced they were turning back to Heathrow, "the United States is closed".

ElizabethMT said...

I was in college, and I was asleep. The cruddy apartment next door had windows that were right next to ours, and someone kept saying, "we're under attack," but I thought it was a joke until I turned on the TV. I spent the rest of the day drifting around campus, listening to all the rumors, and then I went to a candle-lit vigil at night, but I left when I saw planes in the sky. I went to my friend's apartment and we all sat there and watched TV and cried.

The Wixom Zoo said...

I was 26 and just on my way to work. Scary and sad day, for sure. I just remember that I couldn't stop crying for all of those families that would be missing someone that day. So sad.

The Sartori's said...

first day of college. was the last to find out.

My kids weren't invented yet. I have thought a lot about how it will be to tell them about it when they are older. I wonder how it will go how they will take it. I think they will see it as something distant and removed from themselves much as I felt when learning about wars and attacks before I was born. I hope I can convey the feeling. Not so much the feeling of fear but the one of unity and of patriotism and love for our country. I want them to feel how close it is to them and how much it a part of them. I want them to understand how it felt to stand and face the fear of uncertainty with courage. I hope that can feel that pride.

Marylois said...

I've been in Utah enjoying my grandkids so I know this is a little late. The week before Sept. 11, 2001, I had put my son, Andrew, on an airplane for Brazil so he could start his mission. He went directly to Sao Paulo to the MTC. I had dropped put William, Eliza on the bus and had dropped Jon and Emma off at school. In the car on the news I was hearing strange stories about airplanes flying into buildings. I was heading over to Billups to get the oil change in the car and while I sat there waiting I saw the towers come down. I was scared for my son, Andrew, because he was out of the country. I must say that I did feel fear grip my heart. Then I found this scripture and posted it on my door so I would see it every day and be reminded that God is watching over me.
2Tim 1:7
"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."