Sunday, July 19, 2009

*Gulp* Have I EVER said I would do ANYTHING for money?

Can somebody please point me to any past post on my blog or yours where I suggested that I will do ANYTHING for money? Please? Because apparently I have said it somewhere.

Perhaps I read too much fiction, or maybe its too much non-fiction. Maybe I just read too much because the e-mail I received this morning makes me want to puke a little bit. I suppose there's always the possibility that its completely harmless, but in today's society, I don't believe any unwelcomed internet solicitation which promises payment is EVER harmless.

I was sent an e-mail, in French, (thank you BabelFish!) which promises remuneration for allowing "Promotion-Time" to place a classified ad, on behalf of one of their clients, within the text of my posts, targeted to a French Speaking audience. Since when do I have a French Speaking Audience? (Erin, you don't count.) Ocassionally, only very occassionally, I get a visitor from Quebec, but certainly not even once a week, let alone often enough for this classified ad to pay-off for the client.

Unless of course...and here's where my idea that I read too much fiction (or non-fiction as the case may be) comes from... what if the whole point is that my site is entirely in English, I have no propensity towards speaking French, and they want to place an ad on my site which I will assume is harmless, but is actually one of those "hidden" messages that terrorists use to communicate? And why not in French? Many countries harboring Terrorists (either knowingly or unknowingly) use French as a main or second language, and if they asked this conservative, gun-toting, Christian to post an ad in Arabic...well, its possible they assume some alarms might go off in my head, so why not the language of Love. What if I allow these guys to put a French Language Classified Ad on my non-french language Mommy-Blog and I help Bin Laden's Accolites succeed in their next endeavor?

Maybe I sound paranoid. I'm sure I do, but does this make any sense to you? Maybe its just a love connection, and I'll find myself in the middle of some deal-io, but I don't really support that either.

I guess I'm just no fun, I don't want to play anybody's games, not even for money. are allowed to laugh at me while you picture me typing this up in a paranoid frenzy, eyes dialated and fingers flying faster than the wings on a hummingbird. The truth is, I don't know the purpose of this letter, but my gut tells me its a SCAM, probably just a phishing scam, but why not go ahead and jump to conclusions of the most sordid kind and play the sensationalist?


The Sartori's said...

How do these people find you? I never get emails like you do

Erin said...

Hee hee hee, I AM a french speaker. But I'm not a terrorist.

I hate e-mails like that. I hope you clicked delete faster than you could blink your eyes.