Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RockStar Romance

Will somebody please help me understand the teenage propensity towards falling madly, wildly in love with persons they are not likely to ever meet? I didn't even understand this when I was a teenager, let alone now. It never made any sense to me to waste emotion, STRONG emotion, on a person who didnt' know I even existed.

Somebody help me, is my love machine broken or faulty? Or is it the rest of the world's? I can't make any sense of it.


Vanessa said...

Being as I love(d) NKOTB as a teenager, I really can't explain why, I just know that I was head over heels. It's all I thought about, it was an obsession.

As I look back now, maybe it was because I wasn't a girl that boys at school paid attention to, so maybe I fantasized that these "idols" were like my boyfriends. Who knows!

Erin said...

Good question - I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was cute, but I also thought a lot of girls were cute too. I was never overly obsessed. If you figure it out, let us know!

tiburon said...

Uhhhh you are asking the wrong person.

I am madly in love with John Mayer - and that is not likely to change. I am 34.