Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So Easy A Cave Mom Can Do It

So Easy a Cave Mom Can Do It is where I share things that are completely simple, but bring great pleasure. They are usually also inexpensive, because it turns out, I'm a cheapskate. So far, this has applied to food, but in the future it may apply to something else.

Tonight, its this delicious marinade and sauce I made. It started with a small amount of inspiration from another recipe I found on, but it ended being mine entirely. Its not necessarily a unique flavor, and the application is certainly not unique, but the point is, its SIMPLE, EASY, and EVEN A CAVE MOM CAN DO IT! (That means you can too!)

We used this on Mahi Mahi, a wonderful meaty white-fish. I'm thinking it would be excellent on Chicken, and good on pork. Not sure about beef, but why not give it a try?

You will need:

3T Honey
3T Soy Sauce
3T Balsamic Vinegar
3T Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil
1 large Clove Garlic
2 -11 oz cans Mandarin Oranges.

Combine Honey, Soy Sauce and Balsamic Vinegar in blender. Blend Until combined. Slowly add oil to create an emulsion. (That's that nice place where oil and liquid combine and stay that way.)
Finely chop Garlic. Combine chopped Garlic with liquids. (I didn't put the garlic in my blender because its my blender I make shakes in and I didn't want a chocolate-garlic shake in the morning. You could just put the garlic in the blender and it would be fine).

Marinat fish for 10 minutes. Place in a lightly sprayed non-stick skillet, cook until done. Remove Fish to a seperate plate.

Seperate the juice from the fruit in the cans of oranges. Set the fruit aside for another use. (may I suggest adding the oranges to cottage cheese for a light snack later.) Add the reserved liquid to the marinating liquid. Using the same pan you cooked your fish in, pour in the liquid and bring to a boil. Reduce liquid to a thick syrup which coats the back of your spoon.

Serve over fish and rice. Side this with your favorite veggie ( we like peas) and fruit. Voila! You've got a tasty, healthy dinner. And it was both cheap AND easy. What could be better? (and if you can't get the fish inexpensively, seriously, just do chicken, even thighs would be great).

P.S. We are garlic feinds in our household and normally increase the garlic to ridiculous amounts in just about anything, but this time, keep the garlic down. Garlic would not be a pleasant dominating taste for this sauce. You want it there, don't omit it, but don't up it too much, no matter how much you think you love garlic. Let the sweet/sour flavor be the main event.


Kristina P. said...

This is so easy that even a childless Snuggie wearer can do it!

Jillene said...

I could TOTALLY do this and it sounds yummy!!

Heatherlyn said...

It sounds yummy!

Jessie Geroux said...

"peas are our favorite"

who says that?


yummo Lisa, is Mahi Mahi a fishy tasting fish??

ramsam said...

I am just impressed you are cooking Mahi Mahi...
yikes. I am way out of my leaugue here.

clan of the cave hair said...

Jessie, no Mahi is not a fishy tasting fish. It is an excellent fish for picky eaters as it has a firm texture and a mild taste. says so SIMPLE a CaveMom can do it...Mahi is EASY. Do chicken if you are too scared....:P lol

Chef Tess said...

Sounds amazing!!