Monday, September 29, 2008

Does this look like food to you?

Cuz if it does, then I guess I can say that Lily-bear actually ate dinner tonight. That is of course, only if you count the afore mentioned picture as actual food.
See, I have a serious aversion to this mass of coagulated food additives and flavorings. I for one, don't consider it to be real food. However, after over a week of hearing "I'm hungy I'm hungy" at least 4,558 times per day, even though proper meals were offered at every meal, plus snacks...I broke down. Or rather, Daddy broke down and went to the store and bought 6 boxes of this stuff that cooks in 7 minutes and only very slightly resembles pasta with cheese sauce. Finally, silence....oh, beautiful silence. And all it took was a single $0.50 box of food not exactly fit for a princess.


Kristina P. said...

This is what Adam made himself for dinner tonight! I totally spoil him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, whatever works. Nothing last around here. Even after a good meal the bottomless pit boys still claim to be sooo hungry. That's when I give in and break out the p&j.

Unknown said...

Sometimes ya just gotta go with what works!! ;o)

BTW...I tagged you, I tagged you! You're it!


Whitney R said...

I love mac and cheese. But only shapes.

They hold more cheese!!

(but I'm dieting... so I have to wait for a few more weeks till I can induldge in spongebob shaped noodles again)

Jillene said...

I LOVE KRAFT MAC & CHEESE!! I only make it like once every couple of months or else I would be twice as big as I already am!