Monday, September 1, 2008

Please Join Me

Dear Friends, for a very long time I have considered writing about becoming "Fit for Service", my ideas on how physical, mental, and spiritual fitness feed each other to help a person develop an increased ability to serve others. It was never the right time before, I think I thought I knew it all and feared that anything I would write would become preachy and too much the gospel of Lisa, and not enough the Gospel. But now, as I realize I have much to learn and a great willingness to learn it, I have decided to open up a new blog specifically for the purpose of writting about the discovery process in becoming "Fit for Service". I hope you will join me and invite your friends to join us as well. We will be basing our journey on the "Pursuit of Excellence" pamphlet published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. If you would like to order a copy the item number is PCMP39U3. I am assuming it is still available.
If any of you would like to become contributors to the blog, please post a comment on the new blog for consideration.
Thanks, and here's to what ought to be a really great journey.
You may access the Fit for Service blog by clicking on the image to the right.