Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why you can't rely on Spell Check to Edit your Work

The following is an excerpt from an e-mail exchange I had today with an employee of a big-box office supply store. The original e-mail mentioned a problem with a previous printing order and this was a portion of her reply.

"I do apologize for the incontinence ."

Jane Doe,

Impress Supervisor

Notice the Title? I'm so NOT impressed! ( But I have been laughing "hysterectomy" ALL DAY LONG) hahahahhaahahaaaaaaaaaa



Anonymous said...

I'd be apologizing for incontinence, too. 'Cause that's straight gross!

Lisa said...

mel wondered if I suggested anything more absorbent...that STILL has me giggling!

Brittany said...

Incontinence would indeed be something to apologize for. And impotence. That reminds me of a Simpsons quote:

Homer [on being a spokesman for a drug for baldness and impotence]: "I'm bald and important!"

Lisa said...

There's also the story of the guy who got up at testimony meeting to give his Thank-timoney about everybody's helpfullness to him and his family when he suffered a broken scrotum...his wife then followed him to the podium and said "sternum dear, sternum".

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I've often wondered how many mistakes spell check lets through.