Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Risky Business and (F)lies, (F)lies, (F)lies Get Out

DANG IT, my new camera doesn't come till tomorrow...because tonight we caught lily dancing in her underwear...with wayfarer style glasses on. Of course, it was not to the appropriate song, instead it was to the Thompson Twins "Lies, Lies, Lies Get Out"....which we next overheard Gabriel singing in the shower re-interpreted to be a song about little black airborn insects.

(which was extra funny because that's how we used to sing it for a joke when we were teenagers)



Adam and Kristina said...

Lisa, I'm so glad you commented on my blog. I'm glad it was a man's, uh, assets that made you come out of the lurking closet. :)

I hope you stick around. I'm always looking for new cyber-BFFs. Off to add you to my Reader and Blog Roll!