Monday, November 10, 2008

Top 10 Impulse Buys that Sucked

Ok April Showers, here's my answer to your "top 10 impulse buys that were worth every penny."
Its my super-fabulous list of Top 10 Impulse Buys that Sucked...LOL

10. That adorable little plastic frankenstein kid-plate that broke the first time it got dropped on the floor-also the first time it was used.
9. That Black Beaded necklace. I wanted a necklace, not a choker. It was so short not even my 12 year old wanted it.
8. Argyle knit tights in black, purple, gray, and white. What was I thinking?...There is no reason why a 30+ female with 30+++extra pounds on her should be wearing anything that remotely begins to criss-cross the vast regions of her thighs...even if said thighs will be covered by clothing...nobody wants to imagine that, let alone see it.
7. Brown, Pink, Turquoise, Green and White Boardshorts.-granted-you were not so much an impulse purchase, but rather a pressure cooker purchase. I *needed* board shorts ( citing above mentioned 30+++lbs) I *couldn't* spend $85.00 on them. So, I spent $12.00 and ended up wishing I would have just left it all alone and owned my supersized thighs. What's worse than supersized thighs? Supersized thighs disguised in shorts meant for a clown.
6. Lily's adorable sunflower clips. So dang cute...but they fell apart after 3 uses.
5. Gabe's Spiderman Bedspread. Jp gets claim to this impulse buy that sucks. What sucks about the Spiderman Bedspread? Its Spiderman, and its a Bedspread...enough said.
4. Almond Snickers Bar...totally not worth the calories.
3. X-Box-the suckiness of this is totally up to interpretation. Its great if you don't mind 4-6 hours of your family time being sucked into the black-hole of oblivion by pixilated bad guys.
2. That queen mattress of ours. We bought the first one we could afford, so in that sense, yes, it was an impulse purchase. 4 years later, it feels like its 20 years old. My hips hurt every morning.
1. That "weekend Get-a-way" we had when Jp got back from Iraq. Also known as the trip from H to the L. This could be so bad that its deserving of its own post. It would be titled something like "How to completely ruin a weekend getaway", "Those Damn Parrotheads", or "When Not to use Priceline."


Kristina P. said...

I wish I had written the post about the king sice bed before you purchased your queen. Time for an upgrade!

Vanessa said...

Hilarious! I might have to borrow this idea, I have many an impulse buy!

Jillybean said...

I picked up some umbrellas while waiting in the eternally long check out line at Wal Mart. (Have you ever noticed how much junk they have there to buy)
Anyway, the umbrellas cost $2 each, and they fell apart.
Go figure.

So said...

Impulse buys rarely if ever turn out good.

Jillene said...

Hahahaha!! I have bought hair clips that cost a fortune and then fall apart after 3 uses!!

Erin said...

I completely agree with you on impulse buys. The thing I hate even more is when I give something to the Goodwill or D.I., and then regret having donated it!

Whitney R said...

Oooo, I saw a young girl (18?) wearing argyle socks and she was little and it STILL made her legs look huge.. I'd say they aren't good for anyone. :)