Friday, November 7, 2008

Fit for Service Holiday Challenge

I know I need some kind of goal when trying to get back to a routine or start a new one. Its been about 6 months since I last exercised regularly, and I'm having trouble getting back into the swing of things...and I think I know why!

I need competition. I exercised regularly last year because my friends did and my husband did. Now my friends are all in different states and my husband sleeps all day. ( remember his manly night job...he's not just a lazy slob) So, even though I look around me and see the beautiful people everywhere I go, I'm not feeling the daily competitive spirit.

That brings me to...the Fit for Service Holiday Challenge. I've posted the rules at Fit for Service. But in short, if you are needing a little push to start or keep yourself exercising through the holidays, here's a fun way to have some competition, friendship and fun! There is a PRIZE involved!

Go visit Fit for Service today and click "follow" or add our Fit for Service link or button to your blog ( and post a comment to let us know) to get signed up for the challenge. Only those signed up by midnight Sunday will be in the running for the prize. (~$25.00 worth of non-edible wonderful pampering things)


Unknown said...

Good luck getting back in the swing of things! It is funny how a little competition can be motivating sometimes (other times it can just turn me into a b-yatch, you know).

Kristina P. said...

Competition does nothing for me, I have realized.

But it does my husband. He won the Biggest Loser contest at work, and lost 35 pounds, and then immediately fell off the wagon after it was over.

Maybe I'll get him to do this.

Jen {} said...

I'm a follower! Yay! And like you, I DO need something to motivate me. I also started a website at that to help motivate me to eat better and be healthier! It's something that goes hand-in-hand! Kudos to you. You've got a great blog.

Goob said...

well now I have to compete with Kristina to become the kind of person who competition does nothign for...kidding. I'm not proud of the fact that I need competition to get my butt moving, but hey, I might as well just admit it to myself!

Wendy said...

Non edible treats! Now why is that fun!!

Whitney R said...

Ooooo, I should do it because I'm TOTALLY exercising regularly as of 3 weeks ago!

Goob said...

whitney, way to go!
oh, and you're just the perfect person to inspire me too...cuz afterall, I just can't forgive myself for not having the body of a 23 year old anymore after 4 kids and an additional 13