Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ding Dong It All Went Wrong

Its that time of year when Bats and Ghosts and mysterious packages of treats accompanied by ill-written poems mysteriously appear at your door. Being new in our neightborhood, we decided to kick off the tradition of door-bell ditching treats since it didn't seem like anybody else was going to do it.
What we didn't know is that 5 year olds were not born knowing how to Door Bell Ditch. Not having been a 5 year old in some time, neither hubby or I realized that a 5 year old needed to be taught the proper way to door bell ditch and were totally unprepared for the following events.
Let M stand for Mom
D for Dad
G for Gabe
L for Lily
(the big girls were not present for this event)

M "Ok, lets head out the door, do we have the treats?"
D "Do we have the poem?"
G "I got it" (heads out the door and books it up the street)
M "Gabe...wait"
D "Gabe...STOP"
G "I'm almost there"
L "Carry Me"
M "Gabe STOP!"
D "Gabe, get back here"
L "Carry Me"
G "I'm looking both ways!"...crosses street
M (whisper screaming now so as not to bring the whole neighborhood out) "Gabe,WAIT FOR US"
G approaches door, places box on porch, runs away.
D "Gabe, you have to go back and ring the door bell and THEN run away and HIDE
M "Try it again, and take the poem with you this time"
G "OK"
L "Carry Me"
G runs up to door, rings bell, knocks on door, runs away, hides behind bush, waits for door to open, hops out from behind bush and SCREAMS "SUUUUUUUUURPRIIIIIIIIISE!"
Then proceeds to run away in circles screaming, "Mom, Dad, Mom, Dad! Where are you? I think I"m lost!"
Neighbor "Gabe, where are your parents"
M & D coming out of their hiding places with Lily in tow ( who amazingly was totally silent while being held in a horizontal hanging position from moms arm while squatting behind a bush) "Gabe, you are the WORST Burgler in all of history!"

Obviously we had to go explain all of this to our neighbor friends who were totally confused by this whole transaction, them never having heard of getting "ghosted" "spooked" "Tricked" or any other form of Halloween prank that involves door-bell ditching. It was too much fun, and I came to realize, that a son who's bad at sneaking is a good son to have!


ramsam said...

Ahh- we love getting spooked! Good for you guys for starting it up.

Gabe needs a little lesson, though. Maybe you can try again with the 12 days of Christmas.

PS-Practice first!

Whitney R said...

No one is going to spook me all the way out here. But that sounds so much fun!

Maybe I'll have my YW girls do it.

Oh, and very funny and cute story. Glad you have it down for the record so he can see how cute he was.

Jillene said...

hahahaha!! That's GREAT!! If it were my door that he did that too I think I would have fell on the ground in hysterics!!

Brittany said...

Hahahahahaha! Yeah, his career as a burglar would be short-lived.

Kristina P. said...

This made me laugh! How fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow,I could see it all happening.That was funny and I'm sure a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

LISA!! Have you seen Seriously, So Blessed? She TOTALLY copied you. BAAAAA. You have to go make a comment on her site.



Erin said...

Great story. Did the neighbors like the treats? I guess they knew who to thank this time!

clan of the cave hair said...

LOL Mina, our cookies actually DID look like pumpkin poop because I let go of my debilitating perfectionism for once in my life (read, we didn't make homemade pretzels) and I let Gabe decorate them. They were the worst looking cookies in all of history, but I also had the happiest boy in all of history, so it was worth it.

Vanessa said...

"I think I"m lost!" That is hilarious!!!

I know, where the heck are my neighbors with the treats. Guess I need to be the one to start it!

Lobbie said...

heehee This made me giggle inside. And outside. And I guess I also E-giggled there too.

The Sartori's said...

that is the best story ever. I can't believe Gabe is so old, he he still one in my mind.