Sunday, October 12, 2008

It wasn't ok then, and its not ok now.

10 years ago, California had an issue on the ballot. I was young and not entirely sure of my political preferences at the time.

I was pretty put off by all the talks at church that started out with "The church remains politically neutral"...but then continued on with "but this is how you need to vote."

I came home one afternoon and found that somebody had done me the service of arranging for a political sign to be posted prominently in my front yard, far enough back onto the property that somebody would have to be tresspassing A: to put it there in the first place, and B: to steal it if they disagreed with the statement the sign made.

I was UNHAPPY to say the least that somebody was so presumptuous as to come onto my property and place a political sign of any nature, let alone a very controversial one, in my yard.

Well, here we are, 10 years later, and in an entirely different state , and its happened again.
This time, I'm sure of my political persuasion, and I happen to agree with the message the sign placed in my yard sends, but I am INCENSED that somebody again presumed that it would be ok with me to place a political sign in my yard without first talking to me about it.

I'm also tired of the "The church remains politcally neutral, but..." talks.

So, if you are the person assigned in your ward to contact every person in your ward without using the ward list to make sure that they intend to vote a certain way, even though the church remains politically neutral, ASK PERMISSION before placing yard signs in people's yards!


Jillene said...

That has never happened to me but it has to my parents--they live on a corner lot so I guess people assume--you know where that gets ya!!

Whitney R said...

Hmmm.... I might or might not have been in your neck of the woods around 3 in the morning last night........

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've never had that happen. Folks have asked us if we'd be willing, but no more than that. This is someone who'd rather not make calls and get turned down.

As for any church's political positions--they cannot endorse a candidate, but if it is a moral issue being voted on, they are allowed to take a stance and keep their tax-exempt status. And that is the only reason churches don't get more political than they do.

ktmay said...

wow! i have never heard of such crap. we have plenty of voters from both parties in my ward, and no one has ever mentioned politics in a talk. that's just weird. i'd cut that sign up and leave the pieces laying in the yard for at least 24 hours (so they'd SEE what you did) LOL that's punk rock right there! DO IT!

ramsam said...

I live on a HOT corner of stop signs and schools, so I have had political posters, yard sale signs, Enrichment Sings, and even Kindermusick signs..... and I don't care about most of that stuff.

Erin said...

Isn't there some sort of no trespassing law or something? Are they completely ignorant? Really, that's too bad.

McAngie said...

Wow that has never happened to me. I think I would be peeved too about it, whether I agreed or disagreed with the candidate who was on the poster. I do not wear, paste, plant, taste or smell political posters, badges etc. I think that sometimes it warrants unwelcome conversations and unwelcome visitors to my home and family.

So sorry this has happened to you!