Thursday, October 9, 2008

What could be funnier?

Hi-what ya doin?
what you doin?
Could I get you to do a big favor for me? whaaaaaat?
Could you iron me a pair of work pants?
um....sure....what happened?
I split mine.
what?(hysterical laughter)
why's that funny?
(hysterical laughter)
glad I could humor you
(hysterical laughter)
yeah, ok, when do you need them?
My husband splitting his pants at work is almost as funny as this.


ramsam said...

How did he split them? I hope he wasn't showing off his moves while breakdancing in the break room- because it is not for dancing, you need to tell is for a break from work.

Kristina P. said...

I really hope he was wearing underwear.

Jillene said...

Hahahahahahahaha!! Splitting pants!! Hahahahahahahaha!! So funny!!

Lisa said...

I'm pretty sure he was showing off his sweet charlie-brown. Yeppers, was wearing bunders, and, they even were clean. :)

Brittany said...

Hahahaha- yeah I think you should tell him to knock off the olympic floor excersises at work. :p

Erin said...

Have you seen the Spongebob episode where he rips his pants? And then makes a song out of it? My kids sing the song regularly. Ripped pants are regular in our house; un-ripped pants are not.

Erin said...

We lived in Ames while my husband was doing his internship for his Ph.D. at ISU. We now live in Cedar City, because he finally graduated and got a job. I kind of miss Iowa! (ESPECIALLY during corn season.)

Whitney R said...

That picture was gross! HAHAHAH. And so funny! He (the ump) split is pants AND panies!!!? Hilarious. I would have been laughing too. Oh wait! I am!

Anonymous said...

I think it's physically impossible, as in against the laws of physics, for my husband to rip his pants. Maybe if he put all of himself into one leg ...

J. P. said...

I think you're right Mina, unless he went Emo...then he could try to wear your old skinny jeans from highschool and I'd bet he might, maybe be able to split those!

Anonymous said...

Well, you may be right, JP, but if Larry went Emo, we'd have much larger problems on our hands than ripped pants!

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny! But now a days you've got guys wearing their pants waaaay low that I would doudt if anyone would notice if someone split their pants. It's just a new fashion statement!