Friday, October 31, 2008

Cowboys eat breakfast too

Anybody else having a hard time getting their kids to eat breakfast this morning? I should have cooked up something special, but the bus arrives before 7:00 am for this no hot breakfast.


Erin said...

Before 7:00?!? Yikes!

We had yogurt for breakfast, and I had a hard time getting my kids to eat theirs. Which makes it extra hard, considering all of the unhealthy things they will be eating today.

My word verification word is numpling. I can't decide whether to be grossed out or not.

McAngie said...

Breakfast? Ha! I have two out of four in the mornings that will eat. Most of the time I have to bribe my three year old to eat.

Whitney R said...

I made smoothies this morning!

He looks like he would have hung you up by your bootstraps if you weren't his mommy :)

Kristina P. said...

I always have a hard time rolling out of bed.

I don't know why the email isn't working.

It's sands14 at juno dot com

Email away!

Unknown said...

I had no problem with breakfast- my kids have Halloween Bags form the family party last night, so it was Reeses and Milk! What's your issue?

Wendy said...

My kids would have to feed themselves if the bus came before 7 am!!

Anonymous said...

Cute boy! My kids are out of school today. SO after sleeping in 'til 8:30, they watched the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown special while I went to my WW meeting. I have no idea what they ate for breakfast. probably the cereal they eat every morning.

*MARY* said...

7 AM?!
That's the scariest story I've ever heard!